Instructions Rules of the game All birdies and chickabiddies take off by the word of a vospa tatel departed.

Chickabiddies come back home on call of a birdie mothers.

Birdies of mother come back home by the word vos feeder home.

Instructions to carrying out game The tutor suits nests for birdies, bark of a mug by means of a rope, which ends of a svyaz ny, or draws circles on the earth.

Prior to game it is necessary to tell children about that, as birdies of mother feed the chickabiddies.

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The adult

The adult Equipment subject pictures; cut on beliefs ticked; empty box with low sides.

Operations procedure.

In graphic having correlated exercise scientific research institute.

The adult consistently offers the child of pictures ki, cut on the verticals consisting from twothree hour ty respectively, from twothree syllables.

Child of a skladyv et the picture, the quantity of parts in the picture and the word considers.

The adult pays attention of the child that if pictures ku it is wrong to put, syllables will trade places and slo in will lose meaning.

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Decided You, as swan cancer and pike in different directions pull.

At first to are told among themselves, whose song will sing.

Begin, on example, from an elochkiny song, then sing a solovushkina.

Yes not simply sing, and so, as if all these songs your native.

Singers of a solnyshkin of council obeyed.

Decided to begin with eloch kiny song.

So they well sang it, as to a firtree most when not to sing.

She screamed from delight, and a solovushka told I sang and a firtree of represented.

Here did not think that pti the chy voice becomes even more loudly when it sings the song of a tree!

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But this

But this What do You mean by the expression for the sake of society?

How valuable is taken only what belongs to the Association, and Pro games, etc discarded.

It seems to us that in our world we achieve success for the actions.

But this is an illusion.

Now, when the world becomes an integral and immersed in a crisis of our inconsistencies integrality, all the success for hangs only on our ability to unite together.

Us to this forces of nature, but You say that it is necessary to re pitiwat, because in itself it will not work?

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Place carrying

Place carrying The player, by which to a prola Tit a ball, bowls off.

Rules at' the Participant who will return a ball so that that will depart over the earth, bowls off on About minute.

Game proceeds until all participants will not leave a circle.

Collecting Stock ball, cubes, baskets.

Place carrying out park, the yard or sports platforM. Number of players .

Rules All players share on teams, at everyone has to to be on basket.

On the earth in a chaotic order you kladyvat cubes, the more the better.

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